CAC creates awareness in the face of drought

CAC Labor Pact.jpg

In response to the acute water shortage in the country and particularly in the Enriquillo region, the Central Sugar Consortium (CAC) has started a new campaign to guide its employees, collaborators and other partners on conservation and rational use of the precious liquid.

Under the slogan Every drop counts, and in the build-up to World Water Day, the CAC is aiming to raise awareness about this limited resource through key messages that inspire people and communities to save water and promote the philosophy that water conservation is everyone's responsibility.

"Ensuring the present needs without compromising future generations, is really the commitment that as a company we assume in front of society," commented CAC’s Superintendent of Communications, Julio Fernández while providing more details on the initiative.

Mr. Fernández added that the consortium will continue voluntarily providing water trucks to ensure supply for domestic use in some communities at high risk of water shortage.  Residents in Villa Central, Las Salinas, La Montañita, Blocks, Santa Bárbara, among others, will benefit through the company's assistance plan along with company-provided guidances on water conservation.