CAC extends benefits in labor pact

CAC Labor Pact.jpg

The Central Sugar Consortium (CAC) recently ratified its Collective Agreement on Working Conditions with the Unitary Workers Unions of the CAC and the Caña del Picadores of the Barahona Sugar Mill with the aim of strengthening labor relations with employees as well as ensuring mutual commitment and respect between the signing parties. The new agreement has also given effect to a transitory clause of the previous agreement, which establishes 12 university and technical scholarships for workers and their direct relatives.

Similarly, the agreement also ensures the provision of labor benefits to resigning employees, which are an additional to those provided for in the Labor Code of the Dominican Republic.  The agreement also includes other benefits for workers, such as assistance in the event of the death of direct family members or the worker, as well as financial support for the coverage of past expenses.

This new agreement was signed by Virgilio Pérez-Bernal, CAC President; Virgilio Pérez-Bernal González, Human Resources Manager; Rafael Suero, General Secretary of the United Trade Union of Workers of the Barahona Sugar Mill; and Anis Shut Senfleis, General Secretary of the Picadores Union of Caña del Ingenio Barahona.  Rafael Abreu, President of the National Council of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), was also present as a special guest and witness.

The CAC is the largest company in the Southern Region and promotes economic, social, and environmental development with more than 3,800 jobs in the area. The company continues to prioritize the strengthening of internal initiatives that support the welfare of its employees.