381 participants in CRC Interdivisional Baseball Tournament

CRC Baseball Tournament 2019.jpg

381 participants took part in the Interdivisional Baseball Tournament that is organized Central Romana to foster better integration between the workers and their children that live in the agricultural communities of the company. The event, organized annually by Central Romana’s Sporting Department, is held in the form of Little League baseball for categories aged 11 to 14 and an open category for adults, with no age limit.

All 7 agricultural divisions of the company participate in the tournament, including teams from Chavٕón Abajo, Cuyá, Baigua, Higueral, Lechugas, Guaymate, and La Higuera. The participating teams of the Interdivisional tournament are those that have won the Inter-Bateyes tournament.

“For more than 50 years, our company has organized these types of recreational physical activities, which not only highlights the sporting skills of the participants but also improves camaraderie, team work, and integration of our communities” said Professor Arturo Morales, Coordinator of the Department.

Professor Morales also stated that the tournament receives the full sponsorship of Central Romana covering the sporting utilities, uniforms, transportation, and even for the payment of umpires. “The company’s management has always supported the investment of resources in sport, which can promote the mental and physical health development of those who practice it” he emphasized.

Apart from the interdivisional baseball tournament, the Sporting Department of Central Romana also holds male and female softball events, soccer, basketball and volleyball tournaments, and other disciplines such as track and field.