CRC benefits 16 workers with new houses

CRC New Housing.jpg

Central Romana Corporation delivered new benefits to 16 workers by providing them with homes in the neighborhood of Quisqueya in La Romana as part of a housing program the company has implemented for decades and that pursues the well-being of its employees and their families.

During the assignment ceremony, Eduardo Martínez-Lima Gonzalvo, Vice-President, Administration, on behalf of Central Romana, also announced a special loan of RD$300,000.00 pesos for each worker to complete the finishing of the houses. This credit guarantees unique and favorable borrowing conditions without interest that only the company can offer its employees.

“It is with great pride and satisfaction that Central Romana can deliver to you and your families a roof over your heads that provides comfort and stability,” said Mr. Martinez-Lima Gonzalvo during the presentation.

The houses have a layout that includes three bedrooms, bathroom, living room area, kitchen and front porch.

“With this gesture, our company recognizes your effort, capabilities and years of devoted hard work with Central Romana,” indicated Mr. Martínez-Lima Gonzalvo.

Each family signed and received a contract agreement of the house they were provided.

Through its housing program, Central Romana has provided more than 5,000 homes to workers and employees in both urban and agricultural areas. This highlights how the company is consistently focused on improving its alignment with human right principles established by the United Nations Global Compact.