CAEI Innovates on Human Resource Training

CAEI HR Training.JPG

Continuous efforts to improve human resources across different areas of operation have lead Consorcio Azucarero de Empresas Industriales (CAEI) to add a cutting-edge e-platform technology for training. This innovation is aimed at increasing the managerial skills of mid-level managers with two 6-month diploma programs. Through it, 80 company managers and coordinators have already improved their skills in a number of areas, including those critical to effectively manage the company’s workforce.

The CAEI platform, Formación 2.0, has modules on emotional intelligence, effective communication and high-performance team development that are delivered through lectures, presentations and video face-to-face forums.  Recognizing the mobility needs of CAEI’s workers and the company’s evolving challenges, Formación 2.0 allows participants to download content in addition to providing interactive and easily updatable training modules.  

The closing ceremony of the recent class of graduates of Formación 2.0 was attended by CAEI’s Executive Vice President, Alberto Potes, who invited employees to take full advantage of this new technology. “We must stop along the way to remain creative and innovative and apply new technologies at work. More than the diploma, what is important is to apply what is learned on a day-to-day basis and put it to work," Potes said.  He also recalled that CAEI is a company that constantly modernizes its operations by adopting new technology, such as implementing biometric systems for workforce management or installing weighing mechanisms in sugarcane lifters.