Central Romana Delivers Historic End-Of-Harvest Bonuses

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La Romana. - Central Romana Corporation (“CRC”) paid more than $900 million Dominican Pesos ($18.6 million dollars) in 2016-2017 harvest bonuses to all its employees and workers. This is the largest amount ever paid by the company in this type of compensation.

CRC paid $419 million Dominican pesos ($8.7 million dollars) to cane cutters, workers that transport cane and other agricultural workers. The remainder was allocated to bonuses for workers of the industrial area and sugar production.

The company reported that it produced a record-setting 188,812 short tons of refined sugar during the 2016-2017 season, with the mill crushing more than 3.52 million short tons of cane. This amounts to a total production of 379,724 short tons of 96° grade sugar.

Central Romana Corporation always strives to improve the living conditions of its workers, by carrying out large corporate social responsibility programs. These programs are directed to improve the well-being of workers and of their relatives, as well as of the community where they live.

One of these programs promotes the consumption of vegetables, meats and other staples by selling them at subsidized prices that are below local market prices. They also sponsor and develop sports activities including baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball tournaments among bateyes, in the Romana area and in other cities of the East region.

CRC finances an educational program for children of workers, builds its own housing facilities, and provides employees living accommodations in houses owned by the company.

Central Romana Corporation makes large investments in workers’ health, delivering medical assistance in its modern hospital, in medical subcenters located in sugarcane growing areas, and through mobile medical units that travel daily throughout the different agricultural divisions of the company.

The company performs free, annual medical drives for both children and adults, which include orthopedic reconstructive surgeries, medical processes for the hearing system, and cleft palate surgeries.

Besides achievements in the sugar sector, the CRC has diversified its investments developing an international airport and a cruise ship dock. It serves as a reference in tourist development and for tourist real estate projects, like Casa de Campo and the Costasur Dominicana Hotel, among other important businesses.