CRC ends sugar harvest season with its 2nd highest milling record in history

Traviesas de concreto.JPG

Central Romana Corporation’s sugar mill announced that it ended the 2017-18 harvest by achieving its second highest milling record in the history of the company with 3,803,603 short tons of cane processed.  In total, 429,328 short tons of sugar was produced, of which 180,867 short tons comprised refined sugar.  In addition, the company also produced 23,152,300 gallons of molasses.

Central Romana’s highest production for a single harvest took place on July 28, 1982, when it completed the processing of a world record 4,092,807 short tons of sugarcane.  At the time, this was the largest amount of harvested cane ever processed by a single sugar mill in the world.

Recently in March 2018, Central Romana announced that it received a certification in the field of social responsibility and environmental sustainability under the PROTERRA standard.  In addition, the refined sugar that the company produces has been certified since 2011 under the ISO-9001 quality control standard by UK firm Lloyd’s Register.

As in every year following the end of the harvest, Central Romana will be soon be announcing the payment of bonuses to all workers and employees.